The Healing Power of Memories: Three Things Challenge

I don’t do a great deal of reblogging, but I loved this story and wanted to share it. Please don’t just read it in my reader, click on the original post and read the whole thing. I don’t think you will regret it.

Help from Heaven

Daniel began the difficult task of cleaning out years of lives spent together. He wanted to stay in his home, but his daughters, Lauren and Mary, had convinced him that it was not a great idea to remain where so many memories lingered. The oldest, Mary, had declared his desire to live alone an “overindulgence” in grief.

Daniel wondered if he had given in too quickly. This home that Sarah and he had built by the canal had become their sanctuary, a place of love and joy. He would surely miss it.

He started in the bedroom, opening the drawer on the bedside table on Sarah’s side of the bed. He paused when he saw the letter addressed to him in her scrawl that had never improved over the years. It was dated five days before she died. He nearly did not read it, deciding to save it for when…

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