A Snowy time in the Peak District

A couple of weekends ago I spent a few days up in the Peak District, which is in Northern England.

I actually stayed near Macclesfield, which is in the county of Cheshire, not far from the City of Manchester, but most of the Peak District is in the county of Derbyshire.

At the time, we had a smattering of snow where I live, but nothing much. Up in this part of the peaks however, it was another story. They had had a couple of feet of snow a few days before I arrived, and with day temperatures remaining below zero centigrade here, it wasn’t going anywhere.

It does make for some lovely pictures and I thought I would share them with you.



This is the old Victorian gardens in the Town of Buxton in Derbyshire.


This is the sign for the Cat and Fiddle pub, which is on one of the high spots on the road from Macclesfield to Buxton. Sometimes, this road is closed in the winter.



This is the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire, a few miles south of where I was staying. They didn’t have any snow here at all. This is where the famous Bakewell Tarts and Puddings come from, so I had to stop off to buy a few.


I hope you like the pictures.

Have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚



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24 thoughts on “A Snowy time in the Peak District”

  1. Oh dear – you had me in tears there! I lived in Derbyshire until 2009 and ADORED it, and my memories of the SNOW will never leave me. I LOVED it. There is nothing quite like Derbyshire snow, and it can be fine one minute and the next you are cut off in the main street of Chalpel en le Frith, where we lived. I will never forget my days there. I wish we could go back. I am blind now so cannot see the photigraphs. We used to go to Macclesfield most Saturdays, and often to the restaurant on the top of the Cat and Fiddle. I know Bakewell well too. Oh those days. I used to walk my dogs in the hills every day. Wonderful days. Thankyou for the memories despite the tears!

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    1. Bless you. Thank you so much. Your comment made me tear up a bit too. It is a beautiful part of the world, this was only my second visit in 12 years, so I am already planning another trip soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


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