Page 52 Line 3 – Hooting at the Moon

Hooting, right outside our window. – Page 52 line 3 of Michael Morpurgo’s Private Peaceful.


Hooting, right outside our window.

Hooting at the moon.

Every night. Every Blasted Night!

I haven’t slept for days.

Why is that bird forever hooting?

Is she trying to tell us something?

Maybe, she has a clutch of eggs that she is worried about.

I can’t take much more of this hooting, though.

If there are eggs, I hope they hatch soon, sprout feathers and fly away!

I have tried using earplugs. Tried taking sleeping tablets,

but for some reason, the hooting still wakes me up.

And, it always seems to be four o’clock in the morning!

Why is that? It just seems so strange, four o’clock every night.

That’s when she starts her hooting.

Strange because no one else seems to hear it but me.

They’re going to drive me mad one day.

One day very soon.

Very soon.

Maybe I already am.

Twoooo! Twoooo!


This was written in response to a great idea from Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, see post below:


The idea is that you pick up a book at random, or one you are reading, or an old favourite, and turn to page 52, line 3 and use whatever it says as your starting point to write something new.

Why not have a go?





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