Like a Leopard – A dark short story.


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Her father was full of ‘comforting’ phrases.

For example,

“There’s only a finite number of days in your life you know?” That was one of his favourites.

Another one was “When are you going to step out from the security of the home I’ve provided and face the world?”

It was just a key component of living under his roof. Facing this daily onslaught of mental attacks. Not just mental ones, when he’d had a skin full.

Someday she was going to just fly off the handle and let rip.

As she stepped out of the shower and into her bedroom, she towelled herself dry. She pulled on her leopard print leotard and then a tee shirt over the top. She could hear his breathing from behind her door. She could feel his eyes on her again, he was always looking. Making her feel sick.

She felt the dark energy building up inside her, giving her the strength to do something she had dreamed of over and over, every night since it had happened; commit murder.

Filled with this new dark energy, she picked up the knitting needle she’d kept handy and plunged it through the keyhole into the eye she knew would be there.


FOWC with Fandango — Finite

Today’s prompt: leopard, tee shirt, component

This story was written in response to a challenge from the blog, Normal Happenings, see post below:

Dark Energy | Daily Inkling

The Challenge was to write a blog post inspired by the phrase, Dark Energy. Well, I think this tale was dark enough…



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