Happy Saint David’s Day


It’s the first of March and in the UK that means it is St. Davids Day, the patron saint of Wales, which is represented by the Daffodil.

In some years Spring is late so there are no daffodils growing in the garden at this time of year, although the supermarkets are always full of them, grown under cover possibly in Holland where a lot of our cut flowers come from.

This year we have just had a warm spell (temperatures even reached 20 degrees Celsius in Aberystwyth, my University town where the middle photo was taken) and so the Daffs are out!


Have a nice day.


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13 thoughts on “Happy Saint David’s Day”

    1. It’s turned back to normal now after a warm spell. It’s not 9 degrees celsius. I’m going on a break to the Isle of Wight on Sunday so I was hoping the good weather would last a bit longer! -20 sounds very cold!


    1. How strange. Usually once planted they keep coming up. Maybe the conditions aren’t right for them. Maybe the really cold blasts you’ve had over the last few years have damaged the bulbs… Usually it’s the heat they don’t like so much. 🙂

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