Night of the Living Nanny – A multiple Word Prompt Story.

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The world had rapidly gone downhill. The human race and life as they knew it was coming to an end.

Global warming and climate change were not going to cause the end of life but something else entirely that no one could have predicted. In a way, Climate change was to blame. It had caused the Avalanche in the remote skiing resort of the Swiss Alps that only the very wealthy set could afford to go to. The Avalanche had revealed the hidden cave that had been covered for centuries, millennia, even.

The thawing had released the virus into the air, scientists have since confirmed. Initially, one young lady had become infected while on holiday in that exclusive resort. Then she’d returned home to Chelsea in London to her job as a Nanny looking after the children of the nobility. Inadvertently she has passed the virus on to all her colleagues as they gathered in the park to gossip about the bad habits of their employers.

For some reason, the virus only affected young women of the wealthy set, something to do with their genetic makeup and centuries of inbreeding.

The Virus had turned all those Nannies into Zombies!

He was keeping watch from the upstairs window of the farmhouse. A report on the radio had said the horde of zombie nannies was heading this way.

Loading his spare rifle, he handed it to his son, David.

“What do I do, Dad?” he asked

Glancing back down the drive he saw them. Thirty or forty black shapes pushing prams and heading slowly but relentlessly towards them.

“Just fire when you see the reds of their eyes, son.”


Disclaimer: This story was only a bit of light-hearted fun, so please, if you happen to be a Nanny or a Zombie, please don’t take offence. 


This story contains the following word prompts:

Today’s prompt: report, nanny, zombies

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