Showing my Support for Three Great Bloggers.

Three of my Blogging pals are promoting their published books at the moment. This is such an awesome thing, to publish a book, and I am slightly envious, but also really thrilled for them.


Firstly, N.F Mirza is promoting her book, Swinging Sanity. Her blog is Stoneronarollercoaster and she was one of my first followers. Please click on the link below.


Secondly, Laleh Chini of the Blog A Voice from Iran is promoting her book, Climbing over Grit. Again, she has been a follower of my blog and I also appreciate her short stories and also words of encouragement.

Review β€œClimbing Over Grit”


and Thirdly, Matt, of the Blog M.S Poetry has published his poetry anthology book, Day by Day.

Promotion time!


Please show them your support. One day, when I get some Income, which I hope is soon. I intend to buy all three of these books. Until then, I’ll show my support in this way.

Happy Blogging.


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