A Music Challenge – How does my taste in music compare to yours?

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Weekly Song Challenge-3/11/19

The challenge is to post three song videos:

  1. A song by a band you think is underrated.
  2. A Song that gets on your nerves.
  3. A song by a Solo Artist who’s first name begins with a K.

1) I admit I struggled because I could think of a lots of bands who I think are overrated, but not many who are Underrated. All the bands I like seemed to have achieved the fame they deserved.

This is a Band that I saw live at the Hammersmith Apollo and are from Portland, Oregon. They are pretty amazing. The audience ranged from teenagers right through to senior citizens. This band has a broad appeal and while they are known, I think they deserve even greater fame.

Pink Martini –


2) Here you go, a song that is really irritating and it sticks in your head, torturing you for years.

Funky Town by Lipps Inc.


3) A song by an Artist who’s name begins with K. Well it had to be Kylie, and I mean Minogue, not JENNER!


Now, who shall I tag to have a go?

How about,

Kristian, from Life Lessons around the Dinner Table


Mel from Crushed Caramel



Rory, A Guy Called Bloke.

It’s A Brand New Day!



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