50 Word Thursday – The Waiting Queen.

This story was written for the 50 word thursday challenge that I posted on Thursday (funnily enough).

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This is the picture:

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and the words to include are:

The rigid formality of the place suffocated her – Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. 


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Today’s Genre is Bangsian Fantasy – which apparently means writing about a famous character in the afterlife.

So I have chosen this famous character:

Elizabeth I

She’d been here for an age now, wandering the lonely corridors paved with tiles. She still hadn’t worked out if this was heaven or hell. There were no devils poking her with forks, as she would have expected if it was hell, but neither was it a particularly comfortable place. She had been used to much more merriment. The rigid formality of the place suffocated her 

Her once glorious pearl-studded gown was an untidy rumple and the red hair of her wig hung loosely about her shoulders. Was this place punishment for her vanity or her infamous temper that people had had to beware? She turned at the big double doors, ready to walk back along the corridor for the millionth time when they opened bathing the chamber from floor to vaulted ceiling in bright shining light.

The figure of death emerged and despite his fearful appearance he seemed to bring with him an air of serene harmony.

Gliding towards her with his black robes, carrying a scythe in one hand and a large clipboard in the other, he said “Your time’s up, my dear. Did you enjoy Purgatory? Well, now its time for you to be judged. You shall be weighed in the balance. If you are judged worthy you’ll proceed into heaven. If not,” Death pointed to a set of stairs in the floor behind locked golden gates, “You’ll be heading down there. I hope you were a good Queen. Hell’s getting a bit full at the moment.”

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I have also included the following prompt words:


FOWC with Fandango — Beware





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