Animal Thoughts, A poem for the Kreative Kue Picture Challenge


This poem was written for the Kreative Kue challenge from the Keith Kreates blog, see the link here:

Animal Thoughts

I often wonder wistfully,

As I’m sure do you,

What do animals think about?

What in their minds, pass through?

They often stand and stare at us,

poor humans walking by,

We laugh and point and make a fuss,

They probably wonder why.

I imagine Impish Impala think

About the prank they’ll play,

On the next group of travellers

That journey past their way.

And what of the noble Gnu?

What do they consider while,

the tourists gather around them,

What makes them look and smile?

I suppose they think we’re foolish,

Standing still on our two feet,

Just to get a glimpse of them,

We brave the savannah heat.

It’s probably us and our silly ways

That makes hyena laugh,

You won’t catch them

Waiting hourly

Just to take a photograph.

And these three splendid antelope,

Of the Sable kind,

What is going through their heads?

What thoughts tick through their mind?

They look rather stern and grandly bold.

Their glance appears quite flat,

I expect that what they’re thinking is,

“Oi! What are you lot Gawping at?”


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 18/March/2019


I have also included the following word prompts:


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12 thoughts on “Animal Thoughts, A poem for the Kreative Kue Picture Challenge”

  1. Good questions in your verse! Do we amuse them?
    Actually, I think animals realize that humans are dangerous animals who bear close watching because they’re so unpredictable. But as long as they don’t see any sudden moves, they’re simply curious.
    One evening a deer with a fawn nearby chased my cat up on the step and stopped when she saw me standing at the door. Maybe six metres apart, we stared at each other a few minutes, both curious. I finally went inside — but if I’d rather tried to go closer to her fawn…
    Animals have it over people that way: a lot of species will fight to the death to protect their young.

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