Parting Words – A Multiple Word Prompt Poem

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Now you’ve gone and done it.

You’ve left me in the lurch,

You slander my reputation

And my good name, besmirch.

Well, two can play at that game,

You were as much at fault as I.

And while you’re throwing mud about,

I’ll focus on the ‘why’.

It’s true I wasn’t perfect.

It’s true, I can’t deny,

But while you decided to blame me,

I just want to clarify.

Who was it who bought you flowers,

On every significant day?

Who arranged that summer trip,

To take you far away?

When something sad had happened

Something that made you cry

Who was it who stood by you

To blot the tear from off your eye?

Who bought you that silk dressing gown,

The one with the flouncy tassel?

And yet here and now you go about

Causing me all this hassle.

Well let me tell you something,

I’ll keep it very brief,

Since you decided to leave me,

It’s been a great relief.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 19/March/2019


I have included the following word prompts:

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