The Other Side of Love – A weird poem.

OK. I admit it, this one’s a weird one. It was written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge, see the link below:

Today’s Genre is Paranormal Romance. Not something I have written before, and I started writing a story, but for some reason, it kept rhyming, so I rewrote it as a poem instead.

Here you go.

Every night I wait here

Laying on my bed,

I can feel you next to me,

Your hand upon my head.

No one else can see you,

Though I can hear your words

To others its incoherent noise,

Like the babbling of the birds.

My love is like a radar

Tuning carefully into you,

I can sense your tender touch,

Your warmth is coming through.

You said you’d never abandon me,

And now I believe it’s true,

You’re here with me, eternally,

We’ll always be, ‘Us two’.

I find myself spending all my days

Just waiting for the time,

When I hear your ‘come hither’ call,

Those moments most sublime.

Those are the times I treasure most,

Laying tenderly with you in my bed,

Even though you are a ghost,

I love you more since you’ve been dead.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/March/2019


I have also included the following word prompts:

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s nice to feel loved one are close even when they are gone. When one of my Uncles died, my Aunt gave me some of his clothes because we were similar sizes, including a jacket he’d hardly worn. I love wearing it. 🙂

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