Flashback Fridays – Two posts that I wrote a year ago.


I wanted to share with you two posts that I wrote a year ago and that you may well have missed.

The first is a poem that I wrote after receiving one of those depressing knocks that life sometimes gives us. It made me feel better.



The second was a story I wrote about gossip and how we judge others but often fail to see the problems closer to home.



I hope you enjoyed this trip into the past. Did you like them?


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People are far too complicated to be able to describe in a few words so I am not even going to try.

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    1. yeah – and there is a really good book you would love – it is called how to read literature like a professor – and the author has a great section on using flight in writing.
      I am actually going to blog about it soon – well hopefully I will get to it –

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