50 Word Thursday #13 – The Results!

I ALMOST forgot to post the results of last Thursday’s 50 Word Thursday Challenge. I am most penitent and I seek your forgiveness, those who took part. 😉

If you haven’t come across the 50 words Thursday challenge as yet, then this may seem a little incoherent, but read on and you may discover a great weekly challenge.

The contest is over for another week.

In collaboration with Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, I am continuing the 50 word Thursday Challenge that was hosted by Deb Whittam of the blog Twenty Four. Deb has decided to call it a day with the challenge and move on to other things.

Teresa and I both thought it such a shame and have agreed to try keeping it going, taking it in turns to play host.

The Challenge was to write a story or poem in 50 word multiples up to a maximum of 250 words in response to a photo prompts and a sentence.

So here’s the picture for LAST week:


And here are the words:

“How could anyone be tired of London?” – Bizarre London by David Long

Here is my post from Last Thursday:



and here are all the excellent entries:



50 Word Thursday #13 — Panic in London



Finding Love in London: 50 Word Thursday

50 words Thursdays #13


Please take this opportunity to have a read of these great tales.

And once again I have forgotten to take part myself!


It’s over to Teresa now to post this week’s new challenge.



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6 thoughts on “50 Word Thursday #13 – The Results!”

  1. this challenge is good! I would participate but I cant see the photos you know cuz I am blind? Can you possibly describe the photo in your post so I can maybe participate in it?

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    1. I shall give this a try the next time I do this challenge, I’ll mention it to Teresa too.

      Are there many audio challenges out there? Where you’re given a piece of music and asked to write a story or poem based on that?

      If not, That could be something I could mention to my pals who do the Word of the Day prompts.

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