Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! – G1 – S1 – Results

Here is a great collaborative poem started by A Guy Called Bloke and added to by several bloggers, including me.

It was fun to be a part of it. 🙂

A Guy Called Bloke


Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! –

G1 – S1 Results …

As this poem hasn’t progressed any further, l have called a halt to it, but we did pretty well all the same.

The Wrong Side of 40

Rory’s Bit

How l wish, that when l was younger,
My parents had been somewhat bolder,
Concerning the aging process and the wonders,
Blunders, pitfalls, and perils of getting older!

Dorinda’s Bit

Wrinkles in my skin have begun to bloom
I dare not look in the mirror much longer
Mom once said, child, you can forego this doom
Honestly, she couldn’t have been any wronger

Walt’s Bit

How can I write about the wrong side of 40
When that was over 35 years ago
I’ve seen the wrong side of 40, 50, 60 and 70
So I wish you all luck, “Care for some tea?”

Linda’s Bit

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