“The Unfavourable Consequences of Pan”

IMG_9966 (2)This story was written for a challenge set by A Guy Called Bloke, see the link below:

What’s My Story Then #2

The Cult of Pan had caused the police no end of trouble. It had all started when an archaeologist had rediscovered an ancient temple, buried for thousands of years beneath a hillside in Greece. They had once worshiped Pan, a mischievous god of music and nature. Pan would play his pipe and entrance all who heard his music. It was a great story, but unfortunately it had been true. They now had plenty of evidence that these innocent looking pipes would cause people to drop off to sleep. Then the player could do with them what they wanted, rob them or abuse them. The underworld crime gangs had all seen the advantage and had converted to this cult which had now spread all over the world.

Luckily, as long as people wandered the streets listening to their own music, they were safe.




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