Music Monday’s Challenge – #3

The latest Music Monday challenge is out,

Listen to the music clip and let it inspire you to write a poem or a short story. Please share it by including a link to the ORIGINAL post (not to this reblog post).
You have a week before I post the next one and link to all the weeks entries.

Have fun. 🙂

Word of the Day Challenge

I started this challenge because I noticed that there were a great many picture challenges, but these are accessible to people with visual impairment and so I decided to post a challenge based on music. After all, music inspires our imagination even more than words or pictures do.

Here is last weeks post:

The music for last week was Sabre Dance by Aram Kachaturian.

Here are the entries for last week:

Music Monday’s Challenge #2

“The Cat’s Life” (Poetry) Music Monday Challenge! 😸

Here is the music for this week and it is an Easter themed offering, Wagner’s Parsifal.

I hope you find this music inspiring.

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