50 Word Thursday – A goal achieved.

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“Elmer Gantry was drunk.”—SINCLAIR LEWIS, ELMER GANTRY (1927)


He’d tried hard to find a suitable job but no one was hiring. He’d had more knockbacks in the past two weeks than he’d ever had before. Work was very hard to find.

He’d tried learning a different trade, begin his life anew, but there was just as little work for a Steeplejack as there was for a lumberjack. Now his rent was getting dangerously into arrears. He’d already managed to avoid his landlord by turning all the lights out and hiding behind the sofa until the man had stopped banging on the door and gone back to his own house in a more salubrious part of town.

Despite money being as scarce as hen’s teeth, he’d managed to keep some cash rolled up in his shoe. He hadn’t eaten much all week, just stale bread soaked in tinned soup, but he’d happily go without food as long as he had money to get good and drunk at the end of the week.

He walked into his favourite bar and ordered a pint from the barmaid, nicknamed Luscious Lola.

In next to no time he achieved his goal. Elmer Gantry was drunk.

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FOWC with Fandango — Arrears



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