Comedy of Life – A lyrical Poem.

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When Life is getting too dark and deep,

and it seems there’s no reason, no rule.

Remember life is just one big joke,

we’re the audience and you’re the fool.


So laugh at the world

it’s crazy, it’s true

just fall about laughing, 

then pick yourself up

and begin anew.


When it seems nothing is going right,

and everything is getting you down,

remember life is a comedy

laugh anyway, because you’re the clown.


So Laugh at the world,

it’s crazy, it’s true

fall about laughing,

only laughter will see you through. 


This poem was written in response to the following word prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Anyway



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  1. The way the world is today, and particularly in the Divided States of Donald Trump, you either cry or laugh. I try to laugh about it, but sometimes it’s just not funny.

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