Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to the Word of the Day site, and many thanks to everyone who has supported and taken part in this endeavour.

There are a quite a few word prompt challengers on the blogosphere now, but we are not in competition with each other, it isn’t a contest, it is about providing writers with an inspirational spark.
Personally, I like to weave several word prompts together in a story or a poem.

Word of the Day Challenge


Who would have thought…

Exactly a year ago, WordPress was letting the Daily Prompt go, and the Word of the Day Challenge was taking off! Four bloggers, from all around the globe, who teamed up to offer an alternative site where any writer could come and seek a little bit of inspiration.

It was quite a year, we all had our ups and downs, our own challenges to face in “real life” and it is with great pleasure that I look back, and see that despite the sometimes bumpy road, the Word of the Day Challenge blog has been quite a success!


Pretty world map, uh?

Just to give you an idea, one year of the Word of the Day Challenge, that means;

  1. Eighty seven countries who visited our blog, at least once.
  2. Over fourty thousands views so far!
  3. An average of about twenty participations to the challenge everyday.
  4. A…

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