A Truly Terrible Rhyme ;-)

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Chelsea Owens has set me a challenge, to write a truly terrible poem, with the subject, unusual ways of making money. Check out her challenge by clicking on the link below:

The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Now, if you are thinking, ‘well all your poems are awful’, then maybe you’re thinking I can’t do any worse? Well, think again, because here is something really bad!.

A truly terrible rhyme,


I’m told I often come across orgulous

Like a diamond-encrusted nautilus,

But I can’t bring myself to mix

With the great unwashed in the stix

So, in order to make some money

I do something jolly and funny.

I volunteer to look after cats,

And then keep tabs of everyone’s stats,

What type of shops they like to use,

All their secrets and their news,

Then sell the data for the highest price,

It all makes me feel rather nice.

Then I stride on down the street

In my golden tracksuit, rather neat.

By this simple data extraction

I live a life so full of action,

with a simple process activation

I’ve risen way above my station.



I’ve also included the following word prompts:




FOWC with Fandango — Stats

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