WINNER of the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Chelsea Owens hosts a terrible poetry competition, that is the competition is brilliant, the poetry, on the other hand, is supposed to be terrible. Here she posts the results, and I wrote a terrible poem that was included, however, you’ll want to check out the winning entry!

Keep your eye open for this weeks challenge, I thoroughly recommend it. 🙂

Chel Owens

The managerial staff for this contest would like to apologize for the severe delay in posting.

So no more suspense. The winner is Bruce Goodman.

In dire need

by Bruce Goodman

Wendy wanted to make some dough
So she could go to the show
If she didn’t make it to the show you know
It would be the second year in a row.

Wendy stood at her front gate
With a notice, written on slate,
“I need to make dough!
I need to make dough!”

Wendy realized that it was a waste of time.
She might as well have gone to war and been on the front line.
Then a kind man came up, rather haughty
And said making dough was his forte.

“I’ll show you how to make dough,” he said.
Wendy though he was light in the head.
She said “I know how to make dough, but…

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