A new collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess – On Travelling

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I have collaborated with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess on two poems so far:

  1. In Search of Happiness:



2. The Creation (about the Creative writing process)

A Collaboration By Beckie of “Beckie’s Mental Mess” and Kristian of “Tales From The Mind of Kristian” ~ The Creation ~ The Final Piece


And here is the start of a third:

On Travelling:

I’d like to travel far and wide,

and explore some exotic climbs,

From Beckie:

From the Himalayan mountainside,

a panoramic view,  one can witness at any given time,

My bit:

When watching television, staring google-eyed,

but to actually go there physically would be something quite sublime.

From Beckie

Far off lands and sunny coastlines,

I watch this television, envious of the people enjoying their time.

And from me:

It’s time for me to taste some Italian wines,

get up and journey to far-flung lands, divine

From Beckie:

Indulge in fine cuisine while I dine,

to savor the flavor from ripened grapes, straight from the vine.

My next bit (sorry for the delay):

Travel to London, and sail down the serpentine, 

that’s something that’s always been a dream of mine. 


Beckie’s next bit:

Imagine, the Changing of The Guard, strickly on time

and wouldn’t it be a hoot to have the Queen drive by?

And from me:


And if it’s Christmas season, I could take in a Pantomime,

or buy a ‘Whistle and Toot’ which, by the way, is Old Cockney Rhyme. 


From Beckie:


Off to search the medieval castles of The Isle of Skye,

afterwards, visit Portree’s little boutiques and pubs on the harbourside. 


From me:

Where there’s much more to see than ever meets the eye, 

From glen to glade, where once a Bonnie Prince did hide. 


Beckie’s next bit:

“The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music!”  I belt out a tune to some passerby,

Just one glance and they think of me as a wiseguy.

And from me:

As I whirl around on an Austrian alpine meadow, like Fraulein Maria on a High,

Something, I would love to do, if only I wasn’t quite so shy. 

Beckie’s addition:

Oh, how my mind wanders as the bicycles speed by,

Where should I venture off to next, by train or should I fly?


and mine:

maybe a canal boat trip to see Tulips in Amsterdam, or why

shouldn’t I sail to Venice and give a Gondola ride a try?


Beckie’s bit:

This is a dream vacation that may only happen once in my lifetime,

I  order the tickets in advance, up to the Eiffel Tower, to avoid the long lines.


And from me:

As I wander around Montmartre I hear the bells of the Sacre Couer Chime,

And watch a show at the Moulin Rouge in its dark and intimate confines. 


Beckie’s addition:

What’s next on my list?  I check it thoroughly, off to Palace of Versailles.

Louis XIV’s gilded palace and gardens, that survived the French Revolution of 1789.


And from me:

Then off for a gentle cruise down the Rhine in Germany to see the Lorelei, 

Or off to Turkey’s Istanbul to admire something ancient and Byzantine. 

Beckie’s new addition:

Germany’s ultimate Fairytale Castle, Neuschwanstein,

next, to Sultanahmet Square, to appreciate the architecture in stride.


and my bit:

Or a trip to America’s far south-west, to explore the exotic Argentine, 

dancing the Tango in a sequined vest, the beauty of Buenos Aires cannot be denied. 


From Beckie:

I must remember to pack my SPF 30 Sunscreen 

when sunbathing at Pinamar, I hear that part of the country to be sublime.


And my bit:

Then on to the Amazon jungle, somewhere totally tropical, lush and green, 

I was going to head to Mexico, but then I realised it doesn’t rhyme. 

Beckie’s new bit:

Ooh, Mexican huevos rancheros, enchiladas, with rice and beans,

break out the Tums, I consumed too much all at once this time.


And from me:

Enjoying the cuisine that has been lovingly shared by blogger Irene,

Then, where do I go next? How about a road trip to Anaheim? 


Beckie adds:

Blogger, Angie lives in South California, Ben’s Grandma, the Queen!

Then back on the road and head up the Pacific Coastline.


My bit:

Then on past L.A and San Fran, northwards past Seattle where the air is clean,

I’d like to groove on up to Vancouver, far from the trail of the lonesome pine. 


And from Beckie:

Vancouver’s surrounded by mountains and tranquil scenes,

smack dab in the middle, a diverse city of art, theatre’s, and music divine


My addition:

Then across the mighty Rockies to explore Chicago in limousines, 

then across Lake Michigan and on to Toronto over that great dividing line.


From Beckie:

Ooh! The CN Tower scaling over the city’s soaring skyscrapers, Wow, what a scene!

Head to Niagra Falls to watch evenings light show glisten and shine.

My Addition:

And then a cruise down the Hudson river would be relaxing and serene, 

and then to Manhattan island where the elite go to dine.


From Beckie:

Down to Chinatown, maybe Little Italy for a cannoli filled with delicious cream,

Then to the New Jersey shore and the boardwalk for a good ole’ time.


From me:

Maybe, then a trip to Philadelphia where Liberty was proclaimed supreme, 

then catch a train to Carolina, where nothing can be finer, at least that’s the line. 


Beckie’s latest bit:

To Georgia, drive through the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and sip from a fresh stream,

Off to Florida, the sunshine state, visit Disney World and sing “It’s a Small World” – Which is asinine.


My addition:

And now I’ve travelled far and wide, an around the world trip, extreme.

It’s time to get up from my old rocking chair, it was all a splendid dream.


I suggest that this is the end of the trip. What do you think?

A new collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess – and Kristian of Tales From The Mind Of Kristian – On Travelling






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47 thoughts on “A new collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess – On Travelling”

  1. To be honest, we didn’t travel the entire world over, but… I most certainly agree with your wonderful ending.
    This by far was an excellent adventure to be shared with you, Kristian. I’ve really enjoyed this immensely!!
    Do you want the honor of cleaning it up, and do the final copy?

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    1. I’m sorry for ending it so abruptly, I couldn’t think of any more, apart from the ending. If you wanted to add any more before the final two lines, if you had some ready, please add them. Then I’ll do the final post. It was a fantastic journey, one of the best holidays/ vacations ever! 😉

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    2. Kristian, no apologies necessary, really. The ending was perfect, and personally, I was thinking of almost the same exact ending too.
      It was an honor to work with you again and to travel around the world with you. You are a great wiriting companion and I think we did a fairly decent trip!!!! (I’m out of breath, my feet hurt) LOL! 😂 🤣

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