Fibbing Friday: August 16th

I am reblogging this because I know how bereft people feel that Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith has left. Many people enjoyed her Fibbing Friday challenge and here in an entrepreneurial blogger who is endeavouring to keep it going. 🙂

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Fibbing Friday was a writing challenge formerly hosted on a blog entitled, The Haunted Wordsmith. Since the site was shut down, I decided to do my best to keep Fibbing Friday going. If anyone else wishes to help continue this tradition, you can either offer to co-host with me, or you can submit questions for future Fridays. If you aren’t familiar with exactly what Fibbing Friday is, here’s a brief explanation: Given a list of questions, answer each question in the most creative (and preferably untruthful) way you possibly can. Post your answers to your own blog, and tag it as “Fibbing Friday”, #FibbingFriday, or whatever your chosen blogging platform will allow or requires. Also, please link back to this post or paste a link to your post in the comments or both. Either way, have fun with it!

  1. What are hot dogs made of?
  2. Why is the sky…

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