A Halloween Collaborative Poem with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess.

selective focus photo of cemetery lantern

I have been working with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess to write a collaborative Halloween poem, here is the result:

It seemed like such a playful lark, 

to sleep in the graveyard, after dark

Though second guesses and question-marks

played inside my mind, I heard a mean dog bark.

This had all be done for a wicked bet,

I saw no harm at first, and yet

Surrounded by death, what could be a threat?

However, I was anxious and began to fret.

I regretted it already, in perfect hindsight,

after all, it was eerily dark that Halloween night. 

I brought my lantern for a little bit of light,

unfortunately for me, the light played tricks with my sight.

Did I see, in the shadows, a skeletal hand?

And other tormented shapes, I could scarcely understand. 

With little light, my eyes squinted as I scanned,

tombstones and mausoleums that tip, and could barely stand.

And then as the ancient clock struck the witching hour

the wind blew cold and the earthly scents turned sour. 

The ground began to shake, with such force and power,

gravestones cracked knocking over the vases of flowers.

I let out a scream, feeling full of fear and dread,

as from their broken granite graves rose up the dead.

What started as a playful lark, I was riddled with fear instead,

Mausoleum doors screeched open, a body appeared with no head.

An eerie light descended looking greenish in the fog, 

Then a piercing, ghoulish howl, was it a banshee or just a dog?

Sounds of the ghoulish howling grew closer, I hid behind a log,

as the scent of rotten eggs drifted through the thick smog.

And cowering from my hiding place, I took a glimpse and saw, 

A thousand zombie bodies gathered armed, as if for war.

How were they to gnaw,  if they had been missing a jaw?

Thoughts raced, the fear shook me to my very core.

As I huddled down in shadows and held my living breath, 

I could see the guts and gory corpses and smell the scent of death. 

I heard them drag their corpses, did they die of black death?

Or, was it rotting flesh of an overdosed victim on meth?

As they slowly stumbled nearer, I tried to sneak away

Then something icy fell against my arm, right there where I lay. 

One of the undead’s arms held me down, it was greenish-grey,

I felt his mouth touch my arse, I think it thought I was a buffet.

I jumped and screamed out loud, my backside wracked with pains, 

The zombie horde came towards me, mumbling about my Brains!

The zombies smelled blood pumping through my veins,

I tried to escape the graveyard, but the gate was locked by chains.

Frantically I ran around, jumping over abandoned graves,

trying hard to get away from those hungry zombie slaves.

Terror gripped me, fears of my own demise came to me in waves,

as the zombies grew closer, I reached for my switchblade.

Turning around to face them, in the darkness I heard my screams, 

Then I felt my panic lift like waking from unpleasant dreams. 

Several distorted zombies face shown from the moonbeams,

one of them finally reached me and ripped the seams on my jeans.

And though exposed I saw my flesh had turned to grey,

No pain, no fear, no longer did I feel, my cares had gone away,

I was the zombie’s quest, after all, they had captured their prey,

I felt my body tense then ooze, it was evident… I began to decay.

Then I felt a pang of hunger, one that I could never stem,

A thought when through my head, I was becoming one of them.

I thought of the bet and wager made between my friends,

It would be morning soon enough, I’d chew on them like gum.

But then the rising sun shone brightly in my swollen eyes, 

and my groaning zombie brothers crawled back into their tombs, with sighs

And joining them under the graveyard’s ground, this brand new zombie lies,

waiting to rise again next Halloween, as a Zombie never dies. 


I hope you liked it 😉 


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