Weekly Song Challenge – Round 36

Hello, All!  It’s Monday and that means, Laura, of “Lauravent69”, is throwing her Weekly Song Challenge – Round 36


Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.

Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.

Tag two people to participate!


I was tagged by my friend, Beckie, of Beckie’s Mental Mess, click on this link to check out her post:

Weekly Song Challenge – Round 36


1. Post a song that is a satire of a hit song.

You can’t beat Weird Al for parodies, so here he is singing Like a Surgeon.


2. Post a song that you love by an artist that was not one of their biggest hits.

Donna Summer, famous for ‘I Feel Love’, ‘Love to Love you Baby’ and ‘Hot Stuff’ here is a lesser-known song, ‘I Remember Yesterday‘ something that’s becoming more of a challenge for me as I get older …… 🙂


3. Post a song that was featured in a tv show or in a movie.

How about Top Gun and Take My Breath Away by Berlin? – In fact, if you take the scenes with this song playing out of the movie, it only leaves about 35 minutes of screen time. 😉


Hope you enjoyed this selection.


Who to nominate?


Well, if you fancy having a go, please be my guest.



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    1. I’m old too. I did toy with posting something from Al Bowlly or Fred Astaire, but went with something almost modern 😉 Weird Al is very clever. I posted his video based on Lada Gaga ‘Born this way’ which was called ‘I Perform this Way’ absolutely hilarious. 🙂

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