50 Word Thursday #44 – A Midnight Feast.

IMG_2972.JPGAnd the Words: “The man Jack sniffed the air. Then, without hurrying, he began to walk up the hill.” – From Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.


The graveyard over the hill had achieved the status of a legend. No one went there after dark, especially at Halloween. It was a shame no one told Jack.

He had an interest in history, someone had mentioned that there were graves in that cemetery that dated back to colonial times. Jack was also fascinated by the supernatural, there were bound to be ghosts. He could smell them.

The man Jack sniffed the air. Then, without hurrying, he began to walk up the hill.

He was surprised to see two figures dressed in plain dark clothes with white collars and cuffs. Straight out of olden times.

Then they turned and he saw the grey flesh and murderous eyes.

Jack fell and hit his head. The last thing he heard was an old-fashioned voice calling out “Martha, come and eat these fine tasting victuals” as something bit down on his leg.


[150 Words]

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