A Smile in a Foreign Land – A Multiple Word Prompt Poem

This poem was written in response to the following word prompts:




FOWC with Fandango β€” Abroad



A Smile in a Foreign Land

If you want my opinion,

here is my narrative,

some things seem quite foreign,

but it’s only comparative.

When travelling abroad,

what seems strange at first glance

becomes far more familiar

if you just take a chance.

So keep an open, clear mind

when exploring the new

and then you will find

a different point of view.

So, if your tingling nerves start

when experiencing new places,

where your fears stalk your heart

in crowds of strange faces,

though people may be different in fashion and style,

it won’t feel quite so foreign

if you remember to smile.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 19/May/2019





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People are far too complicated to be able to describe in a few words so I am not even going to try.

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