A poem in tribute to Danny La Rue.


As he took to the stage

And began to engage

With the frosty audience below,

They started to cheer

But it soon became clear

There was something they just didn’t know

He was dressed in a frock

they were in for a shock

the lights made him glitter and glow.

His face made up so well

They just couldn’t tell

that this was a totally new kind of show.

And he danced and he sang

The show went with a bang

and as the applause started to grow,

he’d finally regale

and reveal he was male,

by speaking in a voice that was low.

The name, Danny La Rue,

Is forgotten, it’s true

For it was all such a long time ago.

At the time he was best

For excitement and zest

A drag act without equal, a Pro.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 07 December 2019

This Poem contains the following Word Prompts:



FOWC with Fandango — Stage




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16 thoughts on “A poem in tribute to Danny La Rue.”

  1. A FABULOUS tribute! Drag Queens and Drag Kings are so much fun.
    One of my younger daughter’s friends is doing drag, trying to get hired at the big local club.

    I dont know the name Danny La Rue, but I’ll bet Rupaul does.

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