50 Word Thursday #55 – A Valid Recycling


“… after that, he had to make his way all down the parade to the West Pier” – Brighton Rock, Graham Greene.


It was a place she liked to hang out with her mates; A spot on the beach by the neatly painted huts. It was early in the day and more or less deserted. There she was, looking gorgeous as ever. As he walked over to her, trying to act cool, with his guitar hanging from its leather band from his shoulder, she called out to him.

“Hey, Dave, what are you doing down here?”

Her friends, Debbie and Sally, sniggered. One even said sarcastically, “What a surprise!”

He had practised for days to be able to play the guitar with total accuracy and he’d written a song, just for her.

Slowly he strummed out a riff and sang her his song.

Jane stared for a minute then she and her mates burst out laughing.

He felt humiliated. After that, he had to make his way all down the parade to the West Pier, and just like in a movie, where it had been deserted before, suddenly the beach was packed. He felt everyone was laughing at him.

When he got to the pier, he sat dejected on a bench and looked out to sea.

After a while, he heard a soft, gentle voice and looked up into a pair of beautiful green eyes.

“So, can you really play that guitar?” she asked, smiling.

“Yeah sure. What’s your name?”


Then he sang her his song, changing the name from Jane to Elaine.

It fit perfectly. A valid example of recycling.

[250 Words]


This story was written for the 50 Word Thursday challenge. It’s not too late if you want to have a go too, just click on the link below:



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FOWC with Fandango — Valid



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