The Adventures of Jeremy – The Awful Auntie.

A Year Ago I posted this story, I wrote three short tales about a little boy called Jeremy and his overactive imagination (based a little bit on myself when I was 8) this is the third one of the trilogy. I keep meaning to write some more… Anyway, I hope you like this story 🙂

Tales from the mind of Kristian

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The Easter holidays were not turning out as Jeremy had hoped.

He’d thought he would have ample opportunities to play in the park. To explore and engage in various misdeeds and adventures, but his Mother had put an end to that with one announcement.

“Jeremy, Jennifer, I have some news for you. We’ve got a very special guest coming to stay for the Easter Holidays. It’s Great Aunt Tabitha!”

Jeremy couldn’t help but feel totally crestfallen.

Great Aunt Tabitha was his Mother’s aunt and sister to Granny Dawes who had died when he was six. Granny Dawes had been cuddly and kind. Great Aunt Tabitha was the complete opposite. She hated children, particularly boys and on one of the rare times he had spoken to her, she delivered a long speech about how in her day children were seen and not heard, while waggling…

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