Major problems on WordPress

For Some reason today I am having MAJOR issues on WordPress.

I can’t like any posts. NONE at all.

I can’t reblog anything.

It’s almost like I’m a ghost on this site….

Has anybody had issues like this? What did you do to resolve them?

If you can help me, please leave me a comment.



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13 thoughts on “Major problems on WordPress”

    1. Hehe, that’s the support staff on WordPress. Go to your “My Home” page; at the bottom on the right column, there is a MORE HELP link. Once you click that, at the bottom of the page there is a CONTACT US button, and you get a Happiness Engineer on line to help you.

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  1. They’re (WP drones) doing something ‘behind the scenes’ again. Something that they consider ‘helpful’, but which is FUBARing the users (at least the free ones — I don’t know if you pay for yours, if you do, then it’s ‘spreading’.) I first noticed the problem with the cutesy little emoti faces (they call ’em Smileys) which I cannot use any more…all that shows up is a square. ?? I’ve written them about it, because it’s annoying (not vital obviously). Someone else (I forget who) said their fonts and their site was all skewed one day, so to me? Maybe sign out, reboot your computer or phone or whatever, and log in again and see if it helps. And let those bozos know about it! I’m so sorry!!

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  2. The reblog button on my iPhone hasn’t worked for a long time and the Happiness Engineers basically said when I asked about it, “Too bad, so sad.” I can still “like” posts, though. One of my followers let me know the other day that he always has to re-follow my blog on a daily basis because each day WordPress seems to kick my blog off his list of blog he follows. Let us know if you get any help with this.

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