50 Word Thursday – A late entry


This story was written for the 50 Word Thursday challenge, this week hosted by Deb Whittam who stepped in to rescue the day when I forgot to post.

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Here is my entry:

The scene was idyllic, like out of a dream. Ironic because he’d been caught in a dream for most of his life. Dreams can be lovely or they can be hell. This dream had been a nightmare of his own creation.

It was one of those difficult messages that was so hard to take in, the hardest lesson of all to learn, that our lives are really the legacy of our own actions or the result of our inaction to change it.

Once he had been reminded of this fact he had taken action, finally and removed himself from the situation. He had climbed out of the window and to all intents and purposes, disappeared.

The nightmare was over and here he stood in paradise on the banks of a river.

A young man walked over to him.

“Hey, would you like me to row you across to the other side?”

He ran his gnarled hands through his wispy white hair and smiled at the young man who reminded him so much of himself before his life had taken a turn into the dark.

“Yeah, why not” he replied and let the young man guide him gently into the boat.

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