Cornwall – My Photographs of my recent trip.

Some of you wondered where I had disappeared to last week, well, here is the answer….

I had been on a week long trip to Cornwall in the far South West of the UK. It took me over 9 hours to drive there and another 9 hours to drive home again. For some of you that might not sound a lot but in the UK that’s a long time to drive!

The traffic jams seemed to go on forever, they were incessant, but eventually I arrived in Cornwall and as you can see, we had fantastic weather and it was truly beautiful. So lovely, I wanted to stay there forever, to escape from the turmoil of normal life.

I did partake of fish and chips while I was there, but I could hardly describe myself as ICHTHYOPHAGOUS (Melanie B Cee, please take note 😉 )

I hope you enjoy these photos.

I have included the following word prompts:

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12 thoughts on “Cornwall – My Photographs of my recent trip.”

  1. Yes…I am very glad to see you have accounted for your quiet….I was getting ready to send my personal bodyguards with the spare helicopter to do a search and rescue mission over Essex.

    Photos look fab! Nine hours! Ouch! Next time you are going on holiday, give me a call and I will lend you Thunderbird 2.

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  2. 9 hours is how long it takes to drive from San Diego (the area I live) to San Francisco. That’s not even the northernmost part of the state.

    Totally worth the drive IMO! What a beautiful place! I guess I have internet searches to do. You’ve piqued my interest with some of your photos.

    And now I want Fish & Chips.😂

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