50 Word Thursday # 90 – Hell Hath No Fury


As he stood there staring off into the distance he could just make out a lonely figure looking no bigger than an ant. He knew it was her. Clearly, she just didn’t know who she was dealing with. He was known for the fury of his temper, his ability to sustain any amount of injury and there she stood waiting for him, calmly.

He closed the gap and delivered his final eulogy. ““You worry me, Catherine. You seem to think you’re quite invincible.”

He lifted the iron bar, then she lifted up the gun and he knew she had won.

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People are far too complicated to be able to describe in a few words so I am not even going to try.

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  1. Oh, thanks. I never actually posted it because I did not feel it concise and self-explanatory enough. It only is in the context of what you wrote. On it’s own I didn’t think it was clear enough to leave no doubt. Yours leaves no doubt. Oh, and thanks for posting the link to that website. I like the idea of a picture and a line of text as a springboard, and the constraint of a structure, which I think begets creativity.

    Maybe that is why
    I find five seven five best
    for my poetry

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