50 Word Thursday #92 – Phantasm Emotions.

And the words:
“The words couldn’t have been delivered with more force if they’d been accompanied by a swift kick to this gut.” ― Lorraine Heath, Surrender to the Devil

It was a lonely stretch of beach and he was surprised when she’d agreed to join him for a walk. She said that he’d managed to pique her curiosity. The car was parked up on the side of the road as if abandoned.

There had been a few people in the distance, dog walkers mostly, and in the interim, while he waited for these distant strangers to go, he chatted in a cordial fashion about the weather and other inconsequential matters, but finally they were totally alone.

He turned to her, the wind blowing those flaming red tresses that gave her the look of a wild beauty.

Then he knelt and took hold of her soft slender hand.

“Darling, Will you marry me?” he asked.

The look of amusement that he saw plainly on her flawless face took him by surprise. Clearly the feelings that he’d thought they shared were just a phantasm with no basis in reality.

“Are you serious?” she replied, throwing her head back and laughing like a wild demon.

The words couldn’t have been delivered with more force if they’d been accompanied by a swift kick to his gut.

How could he have been so mistaken?

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