A Touch of Writer’s Block – A poem





I feel I’ve hit a solid wall,

the inspiration will not come

The more I sit here and stall,

the greater I become more numb.


I need to stop and drink,

copious amounts of tea,

then immerse myself and think,

about where I want to be.


Have I lost my creativity,

To instigate and plot a story?

Or will I regain my proclivity,

to Imagine and end this purgatory?


This writers block has been extreme.

I pray this is just an awful dream.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 23/January/2019




FOWC with Fandango — Copious


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17 thoughts on “A Touch of Writer’s Block – A poem”

    1. The only thing that has helped me is time…and working on other projects. Now I have a different perspective on my novel and I feel like I’m ready to tackle it again! 😊

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  1. You haven’t got …
    …..writer’s block!
    Tis an illusion Sir K,
    … you just need some time away!
    Away from the grind …
    ….. of your working desk,
    Leave it far behind,
    …. and seek out some wordery burlesque!
    Tis not writer’s block,
    Or loss of creativity,
    …. simply too much working time clock,
    And not enough festivity!

    Excellent poem Kristian 🙂

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