50 Word Thursday #96

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Twenty Four


Mark was a predictable child and one of the things he was renowned for was doing exactly as his Grandmother directed, so when she said throw a penny in the fountain; that was exactly what he did.

The only thing was, on the walk from the church to the fountain he’s dropped his penny and the one he picked up was definitely not his but Mark didn’t notice, he was lost in this own thoughts.

Obediently he tossed the item in his hand but although it was a simple thing to be doing, something strange began to happen.

Aghast Mark watched as the water began to bubble and boil, then it began to change colour and finally the fountain stopped, for the water was no longer water.

Guiltily Mark glanced around to see if anyone had noticed; the water had turned to solid gold.

Without a word he dawdled away.

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