50 Word Thursday #100 – To Smell a Rat.

And the words:
“Something was going on in the borough, something sinister, and he could smell it.”  The Brentford Triangle – Robert Rankin

It was clear, when they turned up on the banks of Lock Ness, that all was not what it seemed.

They’d been told that today they would finally get to see the mythical Lock Ness Monster.

Fraser the dog had been behaving restlessly all day but he suddenly decided to run off and in desperation I called out to him but Something was going on in the borough, something sinister, and he could smell it.

He growled and started pulling at a tarpaulin that was draped over a mysterious pile in the corner of the car park. Our tour guide looked overcome with embarrassment as the tarpaulin was pulled off to reveal an inflatable monster strapped to a raft made up of smelly old beer barrels. Clearly the ruse had not gone to plan and the local economy was not going to get the boost that it so sorely needed.

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This story was written for the 50 Word Thursday Challenge:


I have also include the Word of the Day: Desperation


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