Before Armageddon – A Multiple Word Prompt Poem

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I wrote this poem back in 2019 long before the current pandemic, it’s interesting how, having experienced what we have, it seems to have changed how I feel about this poem…..

The Word of the Day is Statue and so I thought it would be worth sharing it again, but hadn’t appreciated how the circumstances had changed how it reads. 


The statue stood stolid

A symbol of penance

In a world rather squalid,

It had a great presence,

Two outreaching hands

A sign of kind nurture

Stretched out from the sands

To welcome each searcher,

A public display

To dispel all dissent

the pain blown away

eased one hundred percent.

This great lost relic

Of a past long forgotten

A remnant, angelic

Of a time less rotten,

When the world was better

When hearts weren’t leaden

And the oceans were wetter,

Before Armageddon.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 07/June/2019

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24 thoughts on “Before Armageddon – A Multiple Word Prompt Poem”

  1. Having read a lot of post apocalyptic fiction, I can say it’s a great poem. A lot of emotions in a few lines.

    You’re right, the pandemic does make it “read” a little differently. We are all changed, and no matter how much people want to “go back to normal”, it’s never going to be as it was. My optimistic side hopes we can do better, my cynical side thinks greed, hatred, and lies will continue, my Generation X side says ” Whatever! It’s nice outside, I’m just gonna chill.”😂😂

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    1. The Generation X side sounds the wisest of them all 😉 . I agree that we should take the opportunity to move to a new normal that keeps some of the benefits we have found. We have discovered that flexible working and working from home can still deliver a good business outcome and so hopefully we can keep the flexibility.

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