Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea – Part Two

A couple of days ago I wrote a short story about a woman on holiday, called Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea. See here:

Well it didn’t seem finished and a few people told me that it needed some more, so here is part two.

Part Two

Jane opened the door to her apartment. To her relief her husband had managed to wake up, all by himself and judging by the sound of the shower was preparing himself for the day ahead. It was twenty minutes past ten and he’d been asleep since eleven o’clock last night. She had heard practically every snore. She was beginning to worry that he’d gone into some kind of hibernation. She’d always suspected he was at least half bear, he was hairy enough from the neck down. When they’d met he had a good head of hair too, but that had since deserted his head like snow deserted the mountains in summer. He claimed that thirty years of marriage to her had caused it to fall out.

She walked over to her open suit case and took out her travel kettle. She knocked on the bathroom door. “Who is it?” Her husband called out. Who does he think it is? She wondered.

Putting on a bit of an accent she replied “It’s Lolita your Spanish maid can I come in and squeeze your bottom?”

As she opened the door a waft of steam came out along with a whiff of scented shower gel and a less pleasant smell that indicated the shower had followed a morning deposit.

Her husband’s wet head was poking out from behind the shower curtain grinning at her.

“I knew it was you, your Spanish accents are terrible. Why not join me in here then?”

“No thanks, I had my shower two hours ago. You missed breakfast, you know? They’re getting ready to serve lunch soon. I just wanted to fill my kettle from the sink. The tea at breakfast was as weak as a dead fish and the one I had served to me by the pool was so milky I think they forgot to put the tea in it. I managed to grab a handful of those UHT milk sachets at breakfast, and a couple of mugs. Fancy a cuppa?”

“Yes, I’m gasping for one. Any biscuits?”

“I picked you up one of those mini Danish pastries.”

“Thanks, babe.”

She smiled to herself, even after all these years and the fact that her youthful figure had long departed, he still called her babe.

They were sitting on their balcony drinking their tea when the sound of glasses smashing could be heard from down by the pool.

“Ah, it didn’t take Angela very long!” Jane said.

“Who’s Angela?” Her husband asked.

“She’s one of the other guests, I was talking to her down by the pool. She was the only other person there, apart from the waiter. At breakfast there was only a handful of people. We booked at the perfect time. You know how I hate crowds, it’s so nice to feel we’ve got the place almost to ourselves.”

“What she like?”

“Oh blond, in her twenties, I’d say, a pretty girl but rather shallow If I’m any judge of character.”

“You paint a pretty picture. You’re always too quick to judge.”

“It doesn’t take much time to read a book when it’s only two pages thick.”

“Especially when you judge it by it’s cover” Her husband retorted, surprising quickly for him.

“Look George, why are you having a go at me for? You’ll see what she’s like when you meet her. She’s just a typical Essex girl come to Spain for sea, sex and a trip to the VD clinic.”

“God you can be such a cat at times, you really can!”

Jane just thought to herself, ‘better than being a mouse’ but she didn’t say it. Her husband had just been made redundant from his job of twenty years and he was still feeling a bit sensitive about it. The I.T. industry was always looking out for innovative people and she suspected her husband was just too much of an old dinosaur. The redundancy pay had paid off what was left of their mortgage and there had been enough left over for this holiday. They’ll still be reasonably comfortable on her salary as a Doctor’s receptionist but it was still a terrific blow to his ego.

“Right, I’m off for a spot of shopping in town, what are you going to do?” Jane asked her husband.

“I’ll just hang around the bar until they serve lunch, I’m starving. I’ll be OK just loafing about.”

“OK, I won’t be long in town, they won’t have anything I’ll want to buy, just cheap tourist tack I bet.”

George knew that even without anything worth buying she’d still be the better part of two hours. She always took her time shopping. If there was anything good to be had, she may just make it back in time for dinner. He’d enjoy having a bit of time off leash.

“See you later babe.” He said as she put a bright pink silk kaftan thing over her black swimsuit and waved him goodbye.

The End.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/july/2018

This story contains the word prompt: Shallow.

FOWC with Fandango — Shallow


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