Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea – Finale.

A few days ago I reposted a story I wrote  about a woman on holiday, called Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea. See here:

A multiple word prompt story – Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea.

Well it didn’t seem finished and a few people told me that it needed some more, so I wrote part two here:

Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea – Part Two

But it still wasn’t finished. So here is the finale.

Sun, Sea and a Cup of Tea – Finale

Jane walked down the street from the apartment complex to the main part of town. She heard a couple of guys wolf whistle as she went past. She smiled to herself. Her fifty-year-old body may not be as slim as it used to be, in fact curvaceous would have been a kinder description, but clearly, she still had it. Then she heard footsteps behind her. Angela was walking a long behind her wearing a white sarong dress over her black bikini with a black wide-brimmed hat. She wore stylish espadrille wedges on her feet that gave her extra height. Jane felt a pang of jealousy as she realised the wolf whistles hadn’t been for her at all but for Angela’s stunning twenty-something year old figure instead.

Angela walked up to her and gave her a warm smile. “Hi Jane, are you headed into town too? Do you mind if I join you?”

“I thought you were still enjoying yourself by the pool” Jane said.

“No, I think Pedro had other fish to fry. Well, Mind if I join you?” She asked again.

Jane thought, ‘so it turns out that the waiter, Pedro and Angela remain an unrequited love’. Smiling she replied “Please do. I’m happy for some company. You know my husband hates shopping.”

After shopping together for an hour, they’d bought a few flimsy tops and decided it was time to have a drink. They found a nice little place overlooking the sea. Even though it was technically autumn, it still felt like Summer. Jane sat in the shade and used the menu as a fan to cool her face. Angela ordered them both a refreshing Sangria.

“So, what do you do for a living Jane?” Angela asked and drank some of her sangria through a straw that exactly matched the red of her lipstick.

“I’m a doctor’s receptionist. I only do four days a week. What do you do Angela?”

“Well, I’ve had lots of jobs in my time. Currently I work for myself.”

“Oh, are you a hairdresser?” Jane responded automatically resorting to the stereotype she had created in her head of the typical blond empty-headed Essex girl. It was either hairdresser or prostitute.

“Well I used to work in a hairdresser’s, just while I was at college. That’s how I paid for my studies. Then, when I graduated from Uni, I began my own property development company.” There wasn’t a touch of boasting in her voice. She was just talking in a natural, friendly manner.

“It must be nice, working for yourself I mean” Jane said.

“Yes, it is rather. There’s no one to give me the sack for a start.” Angela laughed. “I like buying up property cheap and doing it up, then selling it on.”

Jane imagined lots of little ex council houses with bright pink walls, shiny black tiles and union jack cushions.

“That must be very fulfilling. How long have you been doing that for?” Jane asked, thinking it could only be a couple of years at the most since this young thing had left university.

“It’s been fifteen years now.”

Jane was startled, before she could stop herself she said “But I thought you were in your twenties.”

“Did you? Bless you love. I’m thirty-seven. I just take care of myself, that’s all. I always wear sun factor thirty sun screen.”

“Well, thanks for the sangria. Can I get you another one?” Jane asked, changing the subject.

“You’re welcome. No, I won’t have another. I’m going to head back to the apartment and have some lunch. Are you heading back?”

“No, I’ve still got more shopping to do. Catch you later.”

Later was after two pm. Jane had enjoyed herself wandering round the old town, the fish market and in all the souvenir shops. She bought a little present for her neighbour who was looking after her Yorkshire terrier, Truddles. It was a bottle opener in the shape of a cucumber. The shop had sold hundreds of them in all different sizes. She thought it was an odd thing to sell, the shopkeeper had given her a most unpleasant leer too.

As she arrived at the apartment complex she spotted her husband at the bar drinking a beer. He was chatting to Angela who was enjoying a margarita. He must have said something funny because as she walked over to them, Angela threw back her head and laughed loudly.

Jane said. “Hi Angela, I see you’ve met my husband, George. What did he say that was so funny?”

She tried to sound calm and pleasant but inside she was seething.

Knowing his wife far too well, George tried to salvage the situation.

“I was just telling Ang about that time we went to Marrakech and we tried Camel riding. You remember, we both fell off.”

Angela turned to her smiling, “So this funny man is your husband is he Jane? That’s lovely. I wondered, if you’re not busy, would you both join me for dinner tonight?”

“We’ve already paid for the buffet thanks. The restaurant is a bit pricy and I hear you have to book way in advance.”

“Let it be my treat and you don’t have to worry about booking if you’re with me. I own the place.”

Angela stood up from the bar and walked out towards the pool.

“Shall I meet you here at Seven?”

George replied, as Jane seemed to be having trouble talking “Yes, Ang, that’ll be great. See you later.”

George ordered his wife a glass of prosecco.

“She’s a lovely girl. She even offered me a job. She said she needed someone to help with the I.T in her business.”

“You’re a dreamer George, she doesn’t mean it. I bet she doesn’t really own the place at all. She’s spinning you a tale and like a fool, you swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.”

“What, you think she might be after my body instead?” He responded flippantly.

“Or maybe she’s after that fortune I’ve been keeping secretly hidden away.”

Jane downed her Prosecco. “Very funny George, you’re a very funny man.” She wasn’t laughing as she stalked off though.

Later at dinner they waited at the bar. George was in a smart blue shirt with black trousers. Jane wore her long red cotton dress with the frilly halter neck and her hair pinned back. It was five minutes past seven when they saw Angela coming down the stairs. She had her blond hair piled up, with small diamond pins, and a silver sheath dress and silver high heels. Dangly diamond earrings made her neck look swanlike and a matching diamond necklace glittered at her throat.

They walked into the restaurant, Jane feeling rather sheepish.

After the meal, during which her husband had been very witty and Angela had laughed uproariously at every joke, Angela leaned closer to Jane to speak to her.

“You know, your husband told me all about losing his I.T job. That must have been so hard for you too. It is always the same nowadays. There he is, with all his years of experience and just because he is getting older, they decide he hasn’t got what they want anymore. It’s discrimination, that’s what it is. He really is just what I need in my business. I need an I.T. expert to overhaul my technology and I don’t care about his age at all. I always say you must never judge a book by it’s cover. That’s my ideology. For example, usually when I tell people I come from Essex and live in Canvey Island, they just stereotype me as a dumb blond, but you didn’t, Jane. I like that.”

Jane was speechless.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 26/July/2018

This story contains the following word prompts:

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    1. Thank you. I’m from Essex and I think we get a very bad rap, people have a lot of ideas about Essex and I like to stick up for it. Then they made a TV programme called The Only Way is Essex which just reinforces the stereotype. Grrr. Glad you liked it. 🙂 Thanks for sticking with it all the way.

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    2. I have a few friends in Essex and it’s lovely where they are. If you judge by the M25/M11 and Thurrock you deserve what you get!!
      Mind you – Jamie Oliver rally doesn’t help, can we pretend he’s from the Fens?!

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