Love and Cake – A poem for Bake Off.

My Blogging Pal Mel is taking part in the Bloggers Bake Off, click on the links below to take part. To celebrate this event, I have written a short poem.

It’s that time of year again

When thoughts turn to something tasty

And despite the summer rain,

We’ll be merry but not so hasty.

We’ve been through a year so tough

But keep smiling for goodness sake,

Sometimes it felt we’d had enough

But where there’s love, there’s often cake.

For that’s how we show we care

We get together, drink tea and bake.

And in addition to the food we share

It’s more love that we will make.


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11 thoughts on “Love and Cake – A poem for Bake Off.”

  1. ❤ Oh so exactly my experience this year! Still on red alert at work, still wearing PPE, still nervous every time someone on the tube coughs on me, still not really keen on going to big events – but oh how wonderful it is to bake and have tea and cake with friends and family! I am loving that we can do that again! I will never take it for granted! ❤

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