The Empathy of Aliens – A multiple Word Prompt Story.

I wrote this story back in July 2018. So much has happened since!

I hope you enjoy this story.

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FOWC with Fandango — Fireworks


The Empathy of Aliens

‘When did it all go wrong?’ General Anderson asked herself. 

‘We started off trying to defend our freedom and independence but somehow along the way we have lost ourselves.’

She didn’t voice those concerns out loud. She was sitting at a desk and opposite her was a representative of the enemy. This alien species that had come from nowhere to take over the earth, or reclaim it, so they said. They were tall and willowy with huge heads and pointed craniums. They claimed to have come to earth 6000 years before and had taught the earthlings about agriculture, farming, irrigation and how to build great monuments. They claimed to have taught the Mayans, the Egyptians and other ancient civilisations all their secrets. 

For twenty years they had fought these Aliens with their superior weapons and their amazing intellect. She herself had risen to become commander of the free army. The last alliance of those who resisted the Alien onslaught. She was now here to sign the Declaration of peace. 

There would be no fireworks to remember this day.

No one would celebrate the signing of this document. At least no human would. What the Aliens would do was still unfathomable to her. Maybe that was why they lost. Rule number one, Know thine enemy, she had flunked it badly.

These Aliens claimed that they had been observing the Earth from afar and had finally decided that Humans could not look after themselves. They inevitably descended into depravity, reverted to their true bestial nature. The Aliens claimed that they had given them rules to live by. To respect each other and not to make war. To not steal, or murder or envy. The fact that they had failed to live by those rules had given the Aliens their belief that Humans could not rule themselves. 

This document she had signed basically reduced Humans to the level of slaves.

The Alien opposite her leaned forwards and smiled. It’s huge eyes seemed to hold so much emotion, pity and empathy that she couldn’t help feeling comforted by it. It reached out and patted her hand with it’s own. The long graceful fingers felt soft and warm.

It spoke in a deep melodious voice that seemed to convey such kindness.

“There, there, I know this was hard for you. All will be well. We’ll look after you, all of you.”

She thought, ‘maybe it was for the best, after all.’

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/July/2018

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  1. I can imagine someone thinking that. It reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode A Small Talent for War. Good story 🙂

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    1. That particular episode is from the 2nd generation Twilight Zone in the 80s. The original series was best in my opinion. This episode was fantastic though.

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    1. It could well be 🙂 I have been told about two similar stories, one by Arthur C Clarke and the other one of the Twilight Zones stories so i will have to look into them before I write any more, as I would hate to write something that was too similar to something else. 🙂


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