What Do you See #110 – The Wisdom of the Soul

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The Boy was so proud of his new laptop, he’d worked hard to save the money for it and he couldn’t wait to show it to his family.

“Look what I’ve got Grandma”

“That’s fine, but does it make you happy?” She replied solemnly.

“Oh, Yes and It is full of knowledge and wisdom. It said that life is too short to spend it being unhappy, you should only do things that make you happy. Isn’t that very wise?”

The aged grandmother looked up and smiled.

“It is true, you should be happy, but it is even better to make others happy because if you only make yourself happy then, when you’ve died, where has all your happiness gone? Whereas if you make others happy, then your happiness lives on in those you have made happy, and you live on in their joy.”

The boy put down his computer and gave his wise old grandmother a hug.

“That’s a good start,” she said.

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  1. A beautiful story Kristian. I loved the wisdom you’ve shared and it’s logic. Thanks for joining in. And BTW, for some reason I’m not following your blog! I have refollowed it now. Glad to see you back in action.

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    1. You’re welcome! I don’t know why WP decided that I shouldn’t follow your blog! Now I see that you weren’t too busy to post and there are many posts that I need to catch up on.

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