A Story in 150 words – The Last Bottle

In the early morning sun, she walked along the beach alone. The only people around were anchored off the coast in their fancy yachts that she gazed at with covetous eyes. The waves lapped gently on the creamy white sand and the smell of the salty air combined with the sound washed away all her troublesome thoughts. Then she saw something bobbing about at the water’s edge. It was a bottle, tightly sealed, with a rolled-up scroll of paper within. The note read “Help us, please. Pirates have seized our yacht, The Maria Nova. We are being held captive. Call the police”. As she pulled out her phone and called the police, grateful that she had a good signal, despite the loneliness of the beach, she realised that whilst she had envied those yacht owners, wealth sometimes brought other problems and the covetousness of Pirates put hers into stark contrast.

[150 words]

This story was written in response to the following word prompts:

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