The 2022 Great Bloggers Bake Off – Let them bake cake – A poem for Bake Off.

My Blogging Pal Mel, of the blog Caramel, is organising the 2022 Bloggers Bake Off, click on the links below to take part. To celebrate this event, I have been kindly asked to write a poem below that includes some of the themes of this year’s bake-off.

So, it’s that wonderful time of year,  

When we set out our bake-off stall,  

Things are tough, but this brings us good cheer,  

When we share, it shows we care, after all.

Making things from scratch costs less money,  

and it brings joy to all those we meet 

So why not bake a sponge and sprinkle it with honey? 

Spread a little love with tasty things to eat. 

Don’t worry if your cake sinks down in the middle, 

drizzle it in chocolate and it’ll taste just as nice 

Or you could cheat and buy one from Aldi or from Lidl,  

It’s the taking part that counts, it’s fun and cheap at half the price.  


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  1. ❤ Love this so much Kristian! ❤

    Do you know that song…"Why don't you just meet me in the middle?" that plays on the radio. My boss would always sing, "Why don't you just meet me in Lidl?"

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