Picture of the day – Valletta by night.

This is a picture of Valletta, the capital of Malta, lit up at night.

This was taken from Sliema, which is one of the main resorts in Malta.

Malta is a fascinating place, steeped in layers of history and a unique culture.

The island is very densely populated and lacks much in the way of greenery, this is mainly due to the fact that most of the island is composed, geologically, of Limestone.

The sister Island of Gozo, which together with the Islands of Malta and Comino (and a few other uninhabited rocks) make up the country of Malta, has more clay and therefore is much greener.

If you love History, then Malta is a must. It contains ruins that are claimed to be the oldest man made structures in the world.

The last bastion of the order of the Knights Hospitaller (or Order of the Knights of the hospital of St John of Jerusalem, to give them their full title) was Valletta.

More bombs were dropped on Malta in the Second World War than on any other square mile of land. Malta was vital and they did not surrender. It was because of this that the Allies could land troops from North Africa on to Sicily using Malta as a base. Malta was deservedly awarded the George cross for bravery.

Malta remains to this day a truly unique place to visit.

I hope you enjoy this picture.



Picture of the day – A Magnolia in Bloom

This is a photograph of a beautiful Magnolia tree that we were lucky enough to acquire when we bought our house.

I don’t know exactly how old it is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was older than I am.

I turned 40 last November.

We are custodians of beautiful trees so that they can give the next generations as much pleasure as they have given us. Our ancestors planted them and cared for them so that we too could take pleasure in them.

Often trees are planted by people with true vision who know they won’t actually benefit themselves but are making life better for the future.

So this is more than a beautiful magnolia tree.

It is a symbol of beauty.

A symbol that we must pass on.

Thank you.




Picture of the Day – Notre-Dame Cathedral

For my Picture of the day I have posted a picture of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

This was taken on a weekend break to Paris a few years ago.

Notre-Dame was a highlight of the trip, but not the only one. Taking a river bus down the Seine was particularly lovely.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this picture and it inspires you.


Picture of the Day – A chorus line of Hens.

Today I have posted a picture of three former hens of mine, named (left to right)

Henrietta, Ophelia and Cleopatra.

They decided to line up for their photo in quite an artistic pose!

Unfortunately not that long after this photo was taken we realised that Henrietta was actually a Henry and so we took it back to the farm, as they could cope with a cockerel but we couldn’t.

Ophelia and Cleopatra both led normal chicken lives, eating corn, scratching plants and laying eggs, and both eventually expired from old age.

Gone but never forgotten.


Picture of the day – An English Country Garden

Yesterday I posted a picture of the Japanese garden in Holland Park London.

I pointed out that a Japanese garden is very different from an English garden, but they both were beautiful. They both had the ability to reach out to people, to inspire them and to reconcile their differences.

Today I post a picture of a typical English cottage garden.

This is the garden of the Victorian Author, Thomas Hardy. He grew up in this cottage, in Dorset, and the garden is maintained very much as it would have looked to him.

An English Cottage garden usually has a mixture of shrubs and flowers and herbs and vegetables, all intermingling. It is a very natural looking garden, but for those of you who like neatness and order, this isn’t the garden for you.

It is a practical garden, and a beautiful one.


Picture of the day – More inspiration

This is a picture of the Japanese Garden in Holland Park, London.

It is a pretty tranquil spot in a busy part of London.

A garden is a special thing. It connects us to nature and often sited in the middle of a busy city as far removed from nature as it is possible to get.

It can also be, as this garden is, a way of bridging between cultures and countries.

This garden was a gift from the Japanese government to the british people.

A Japanese garden is very different from an English garden, but both are beautiful and both can bring peace in troubled times.



Picture of the day – I hope it inspires you.

This is a picture of the astrological clock in Prague.

If you haven’t been to Prague, I suggest you add it to your list.

It is a beautiful city, the old part and the main centre is quite small and compact so you can get a feel for the place in quite a short space of time. However there is always something to see.

There is a castle, a number of beautiful churches (St Vitus’ Cathedral in the castle area has some of the most beautiful stained glass I have ever seen). Just walking around the city is a cultural delight.

It is popular for people going on Hen nights or stag do’s but it is so much more than a place to get cheap beer.

I hope the picture inspires you to write something (If so please post a link) or Inspires you to visit this fantastic city.