Autumn Love

I have only just begun to live,

although I’ve been alive for years,

but now I  have something to give,

more than only loneliness and tears.

I think it must be fate

new beginnings today

my feelings inchoate.

sunshine after the grey, 

it’s never too late. 

our autumnal Love’s adore

until our dying day

together forever more.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 07/April/2018


via Daily Prompt: Inchoate

First night nerves.

As I lay there cold at night

Like a log, solid and hard

Like a deer frozen in fright.

I hear a noise, alert, enguard


I dread the coming of my fear

I loathe myself for this denial

I’m too dead to shed a tear

inside I cry and run a mile.


No there’s nothing you can do,

Though I lay here frozen rigid.

As the first night nerves ensue,

I’m just nervous, I’m just frigid.


Your kind words help a little bit,

they ease the tension and the sorrow

for now, I’ll watch TV and sit

downstairs, we’ll try again tomorrow.


copyright: Kristian Fogarty 05/April/2018

via Daily Prompt: Frigid

A Song for tomorrow – Lyric Poem

I envy the birds and their voice,

But I too have a song to sing.

I sing because I have no choice,

a song to relieve my suffering.

Is it our Destiny or fate,

To decay and disintegrate?

Or is there Hope to come,

for all society, or just some?


My song is one of unity

It is not easy to sing out

in this, our world of lunacy

there is so much sorrow, hate and doubt.

 Listen before it’s far too late

together we can accomplish

what divided we’ll annihilate. 

cherish our differences, love our sames

do not disrespect each other

or call each other hurtful names

Destiny or fate,

Decay or disintegrate,

Love conquers Hate.


copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/April/2018



You’ll be fine tomorrow

The windows of you mind

show the sadness and the sorrow

but don’t cry, because tomorrow

you’ll be fine.

It’s all in your mind.


Dry those tears that you cry,

this is not the time for worry, 

that gets you  nowhere in a hurry.

Just dry,

Those tears you cry.


The sunshine my have gone

but it returns before too long

just keep smiling through the pain

and you’ll find you’ll live again.

Just be Strong.

Tomorrow will come along.


Your eyes betray your thoughts,

the raw emotions felt inside.

You feel there’s nowhere safe to hide

That’s not true.

You will cope and muddle through.


Just keep trying, that’s the key.

The future isn’t something bad.

Keep on going, you’ll be glad 

that you did.

Tomorrow’s worth it you will see.


Though you fight and fear you’ll lose,

the winnings worth the wait.

If you give in, then you choose

to be the victim of your fate.

People who succeed in life, 

have but one thing the same

they kept going through the strife,

though they failed and failed again.

Please take heed of my advice

and you’ll be in a happy mood

you’ll be knocked down once or twice

but after bad times will come good.

Those who quit will live in sorry,

but there is always tomorrow.

You’ll be fine.

It’s all in your mind.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty