A Spectre of a bygone Spring – A poem and some photos of Spring in Aberystwyth 2008

A Spectre of a bygone Spring, 

recalls the splendour of times gone by

Though time can steal almost everything,

the Joy of past memories will never die. 







Picture of the Day – Aberystwyth

Now I am back from my Easter break, it is time to start blogging again.

I have chosen this picture of Aberystwyth to share with you. (Someone I know calls it Aber wrist watch, but I doubt the town would approve of this epithet).

Aberystwyth is a town on the west coast of Wales on the Irish sea. It is a university town, and this is where I went to University. As such, a piece of my heart is forever here.

I studied Geology here and it was a lovely place to spend three years. I have been back a few times in the 18 years since I graduated.

You can see in the picture part of the old college, the original part of the University. Most of the modern university is now at the top of a very long and steep hill overlooking the town.

You can also see a bit of the ruined castle and the war memorial looking out to sea.

The short pier is also in the picture. This used to be much longer but it’s shortness remains testament to how turbulent the Irish sea can be. The pier lost its end in a winter storm.

I hope you like this picture.